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Justin Bieber was accused of stealing a melody, but it’s actually a royalty-free sample you can buy online

Justin Bieber recently dropped his latest album, Changes, and it took less than 24 hours before the pop star was accused of stealing the melody used in one of its songs. Artist Asher Monroe pointed out that the soft and plucky hook in his 2019 song “Synergy” is the same as the one in Bieber’s […]

Leaked images show TCL prototype phone with expandable, slide-out display

TCL is working on a new phone with a slide-out display, leaked images published by CNET suggest. Unlike devices that fold in half like the Motorola Razr or Samsung Galaxy Fold, the images show a phone that seems to work like an extendable dining table, with a second display that slides out from underneath the […]

Google winds down free Station Wi-Fi program

Google is shutting down Station, a program that saw the company offer free Wi-Fi across over 400 railway stations in India and over 5000 locations worldwide since 2016, TechCrunch reports. Google says that the service is currently live in Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Thailand, the Philippines, Mexico, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The Station program will […]

Tesla forced to pause Berlin Gigafactory after environmental challenge

A German court has forced Tesla to temporarily halt preparation work for its Gigafactory near Berlin after local activists raised concerns about its impact on wildlife and water supplies, Reuters reports. The electric car company is currently in the process of clearing 92 hectares of forest in Gruenheide, east of Berlin, where it hopes to […]

Galaxy Z Flip durability test calls Samsung’s Ultra Thin ‘Glass’ into question

Samsung’s claim that the new Galaxy Z Flip uses “Ultra Thin Glass” sounded like a true breakthrough when the foldable phone was announced last week. Until now, foldable screens have used plastic displays, which can be easily scratched with even a fingernail. The Z Flip making the switch to glass, however thin it might be, […]

Microsoft releases all-in-one Office app for Android

Microsoft has simplified its Word, Powerpoint, and Excel apps on Android by combining them into a single unified application. This could be a good way to save time when working on multiple types of documents at once. Unfortunately, Android tablets and Chromebooks aren’t fully supported while iOS has been left out for now. Microsoft has […]

Google Stadia is coming to 18 additional Android smartphones

Stadia isn’t the end-all, be-all game streaming platform Google hoped it would be, but, like most tech products these days, a rough start does not necessarily mean the entire platform is doomed. Stadia continues to improve slowly and is set to get many new features and dozens of new games (including a few exclusives) this […]