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Children create palace for bugs to highlight the importance of insects

Bugs don’t get enough credit for the role they play in keeping the Earth’s ecosystem in check, but nine young children are on a mission to change that. The young environmentalists, known as the The Eco Emeralds, have created a special home for insects to help raise awareness of these underappreciated creatures – 41% of […]

Ramakrishna Paramahansa’s Birth Anniversary: Interesting Facts About the Indian Mystic

Born on 18 February, 1836, Gadadhar Chattopadhyay, who came to be known as Ramakrishna later in life, hailed from a poor Brahmin family from Kamarpukur village, in the Hooghly district of West Bengal. Most accounts say that the saint was given the title of ‘Paramahamsa’ (a Sanskrit religio-theological appellation honor bestowed to Hindu spiritual tutors […]

Here are Top Tips for Smart Window Designs

Windows are an integral part of the home. Attached to your walls, they not just beautify your abode, but open the view to the outside world and secure your house. Manish Bansal, Director and CEO of Window Magic, tell you what to keep in mind while choosing the window for your home. In a home, […]

Sara Ali Khan Enjoys Goa Sunset in Floral Dress and Baby Pink Shrug

Sara Ali Khan recently posted a series of pictures on Instagram. In the pictures, she is seen wearing a casual white dress with lace. The Simmba actress is sitting against the pretty backdrop of sunset. She put some sun and waves emojis along with the picture. According to a report in Times of India, the […]

Life-course-persistent antisocial behaviour may be associated with differences in brain structure

MRI brain scans suggest there are characteristic differences in brain structure of individuals who exhibit life-course-persistent antisocial behaviour. Individuals who exhibit life-course-persistent antisocial behaviour—for example, stealing, aggression and violence, bullying, lying, or repeated failure to take care of work or school responsibilities—may have thinner cortex and smaller surface area in regions of the brain previously […]

Mediterranean diet promotes gut bacteria linked to ‘healthy ageing’ in older people

Eating a Mediterranean diet for a year boosts the types of gut bacteria linked to ‘healthy’ ageing, while reducing those associated with harmful inflammation in older people, indicates a five-country study, published online in the journal Gut. As ageing is associated with deteriorating bodily functions and increasing inflammation, both of which herald the onset of […]

Exploring why mindfulness meditation has positive mental health outcomes

Over the past few decades, mindfulness meditation has become increasingly popular, particularly as a tool to reduce stress or anxiety and gain a greater sense of wellbeing. While many empirical studies have confirmed that regular meditation, especially mindfulness meditation, can have beneficial effects on people’s mental health, so far very little is known about the […]