Author: dorettabendalin

Adam Silver: I ‘strongly believe’ NBA will add in-season and play-in tournaments

NBA commissioner Adam Silver wanted to overhaul the schedule – including in-season and play-in tournaments – for the league’s 75th-anniversary season, 2021-22. Instead, the Board of Governors vote planned for April was canceled. Not because the ideas were unpopular, according to Silver. Because they were too popular. “When we went to our teams, the Players […]

Exploring why mindfulness meditation has positive mental health outcomes

Over the past few decades, mindfulness meditation has become increasingly popular, particularly as a tool to reduce stress or anxiety and gain a greater sense of wellbeing. While many empirical studies have confirmed that regular meditation, especially mindfulness meditation, can have beneficial effects on people’s mental health, so far very little is known about the […]

WTO gives somber goods trade outlook, sees virus threat

Growth of global trade in goods is likely to remain weak in early 2020, the World Trade Organization (WTO) said on Monday, adding that the below-trend performance could become even worse due to the new coronavirus. The Geneva-based trade body said its goods trade indicator fell to 95.5 from the 96.6 reading reported in November. […]

Google Stadia is coming to 18 additional Android smartphones

Stadia isn’t the end-all, be-all game streaming platform Google hoped it would be, but, like most tech products these days, a rough start does not necessarily mean the entire platform is doomed. Stadia continues to improve slowly and is set to get many new features and dozens of new games (including a few exclusives) this […]

Syrian forces seize most of Aleppo province, on eve of Turkey-Russia talks

Syrian government forces made significant advances on Sunday in the country’s northwestern Aleppo province, seizing most of the rebel-held region, state media said, a day before a new round of talks between Turkey and Russia on the escalation in the area. The Syrian government’s recent advances in the northwestern region have upset a fragile cooperation […]